20 New Witty And Heartfelt Comics By Dinosaur Couch


The comics book “Dinosaur Couch” dives into the lives of cute dinosaurs as they traverse the ups and downs of their emotional journeys, seeking support and solace in their close-knit community.


James Stewart, who provides a distinct and insightful perspective to the narrative, and K Roméy, whose mesmerising artwork brings these cute dinosaurs to life, are the creative minds behind these cartoons. They collaborate to create heartwarming stories that connect with readers and emphasise the value of support and comfort in the face of life’s obstacles.

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In an interview, the writers of the comic series stated that they chose dinosaurs as protagonists because they found them fascinating and cool.

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When you look at their comic strip, it seems like the dinosaurs are trying to deal with their mental health problems, but they’ve kind of become used to them. James and K say this is somewhat true. They believe it’s a common experience. You struggle a lot before you find out what’s wrong, and then once you know, you hopefully get the help you need to make things a bit easier. But it’s always a part of your life. And once it’s diagnosed, you think about it more, try to understand it, and make sense of it.

The artists shared that these comics usually concentrate on friends and family because, while medicine can help, they think having the support of people close to you is really important when dealing with mental health problems.


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James and Roméy are the creative geniuses behind these touching stories. Stewart, blessed with a distinct and incisive perspective, creates the fascinating narratives that serve as the series’ backbone. Roméy brings these cute dinosaurs to life through engaging artwork that catches the imagination, complementing his narrative prowess. They work together to create stories that speak to readers of all ages and backgrounds, teaching essential lessons about the importance of support and comfort in the face of life’s many obstacles.


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In a candid interview with the creators of “Dinosaur Couch,” James Stewart and K Roméy opened up about the genesis of their imaginative comic series, the choice of dinosaurs as central characters, the subtle exploration of mental health themes within the comics, and the overarching message that underscores the vital role of friends and family during times of emotional turbulence.


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“Dinosaur Couch” has undoubtedly become a household name, but its inception was a serendipitous journey rooted in the shared fascination that both James and K held for dinosaurs. James fondly recalled the genesis of the series, stating, “Our mutual fascination with dinosaurs served as the creative spark for ‘Dinosaur Couch.’ There’s an inherent timelessness and universal appeal to these prehistoric creatures. They have always captured our imaginations, and we wanted to create a comic series that would engage readers from diverse backgrounds and age groups. What better way to achieve that than through the enduring charm and allure of dinosaurs?”


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The fascination with dinosaurs acted as the crucible in which “Dinosaur Couch” was forged. K Roméy added, “Dinosaurs, with their enigmatic presence from a bygone era, provide us with a canvas to explore and express a wide range of emotions and experiences in a visually compelling and relatable manner. Additionally, who can resist the allure of a captivating dinosaur comic?”


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The artists explained that these cartoons frequently focus on friends and family because, while medicine can help, they believe that having the support of people close to you is critical when coping with mental health issues.

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