“Trapped” In The 1930s: Artist Draws Popular Cartoon Characters In Rubber Hose Style (16 Pics)

“Trapped” In The 1930s: Artist Draws Popular Cartoon Characters In Rubber Hose Style (16 Pics)

13/02/2022 0 By Aaqib Rubab
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Many of us have nostalgic feelings for certain items, such as old-fashioned candy, dress styles, TV shows, cartoons, and so on. It’s nice to experience something that brings back fond memories. Even though they haven’t been personally experienced, some things are valued and requested to be taken back so that those who haven’t had the opportunity to do so might enjoy and appreciate them. And Kev Craven is a master at it!

Kev Craven is a brilliant artist who describes himself as a “1930s animator and cartoonist stranded in 2022,” according to his Instagram bio. He draws iconic characters in the style of 1930s animations, commonly known as “rubber hose” animations. The artist stated that he has long like the old rubber hose cartoon style and enjoys imagining how today’s pop culture would appear if it were an animated cartoon from that era.

“Because of the success of games like Cuphead, this design, which I adore, has been resurrected. I’ve been dedicated to mastering all of these historical animation techniques on my own time for at least the past ten years, and I’m pleased that everyone else is taking notice of this long-forgotten art.”

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1 8

How adorable! There was a Powerpuff Girls episode called “Silent Treatment” in which the girls wind up fighting a villain who has kidnapped the Professor inside a silent film. For the most of the programme, the girls were presented with “Pac-man” style eyes and in black and white.

2. Phineas And Ferb

2 8

Haha Perry kinda looks like Donald Duck.Isn’t He?

3. Spongebob Squarepants

3 8

It looks like Mickey Mouse and an actual sponge had a child… Lol

4. Cow And Chicken

4 8

The rubber glove for Cow’s udder is fantastic! They actually work really well in this manner.


5 8

This one is Really Awesome.

6. Johnny Bravo

6 2

The Pipe !!!! Makes it So Weird…. In my opinion…. Agree???

7. Ren And Stimpy

7 3

Felix the Cat’s dumb cousin. Lol

8. Samurai Jack

8 2

I Love this Show As A Kid…. No One Can Replace This Character.

9. Beavis And Butt-Head

9 1

Uh this is like cool and stuff. Uh huh huh!

10. Ed, Edd N Eddy

10 1

Love these Naughty Guys….

11. Batman And Catwoman

11 1

Betty Boop Style….. La La La ……

12. Sans (Undertale)

12 1

one Word : YES…..

13. Breaking Bad


I’ll get you waskily Walter white!

14. Dexter’s Laboratory


Now he really looks like an Evil Genius. Agree?

15. Twin Peaks


Dale’s chin is on point

16. Invader Zim


Omg i love invader zim! The movie was funny. I wanna see gir!

Many of us have powerful emotions for certain things, such as antique sweets, attire, Tv programmes, cartoon characters, and so on. It’s excellent to relive something which brings back fond memories. Some things, even if not personally witnessed, are admired and wished to be transported back so that they’re being enjoyed and acknowledged by those who did not have the opportunity. And that’s exactly what Kev Craven does!

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Artist Draws All these famous characters Beautifully into 1930’s Era and we are amazed by his creativity. I mean each and every character is drawn like a Pro. Each single detail is still can be seen in newly developed characters which assures the beauty of real cartoon characters. This is not as easy as you can seen. So if you like this content share your opinion with us and share these posts everywhere and show some love to comicism and help us to grow faster.

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