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The Far Side

The Far Side Comics, created by Gary Larson, has captured readers worldwide with its distinctive blend of eccentric humour, innovative scenarios, and unconventional characters. Larson’s unusual writing and distinctive art style have earned the comic strip a devoted audience since its debut in 1980, providing a fresh and often humorous perspective on everyday circumstances.

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Gary Larson’s contributions to the world of comics are enormous thanks to The Far Side. The comic strip has become a cultural phenomenon, enthralling readers with its distinctive, often surreal humour. Fans eagerly awaited each new installment, browsing through newspapers or collecting the legendary Far Side collections to immerse themselves in Larson’s latest creations.

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The Far Side 1
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The Far Side 2
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The Far Side 3
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The Far Side 4
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What sets The Far Side apart is its ability to transport readers to bizarre and unexpected worlds. Larson’s imaginative scenarios and clever wordplay create a sense of delight and surprise with every panel. His unique art style, characterized by simple yet expressive drawings, adds to the strip’s charm and distinctiveness.


The Far Side 5
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The Far Side 6
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Supporting The FS’s captivating visuals are a wide array of unconventional and unforgettable characters. From talking animals to anthropomorphic objects, Larson’s creations populate his comic strip with a menagerie of oddities. Their interactions and comedic situations, often rooted in irony and absurdity, elicit laughter and invite readers into Larson’s wonderfully strange universe.


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The Far Side 7
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The Far Side 8
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The Far Side 9
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The FS explores a wide range of themes and subjects, from science and environment to human behaviour and society. Larson’s clever and frequently sardonic commentary encourages readers to consider the peculiarities of their surroundings. Larson’s astute insights create a lasting effect, whether he’s making fun of human behaviour or exploring the beauties of the animal kingdom.


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The Far Side 10
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The Far Side has gained tremendous appreciation and recognition over the years. Gary Larson’s innovative work has won many awards, including the renowned Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. The popularity of the comic strip has lasted far beyond its first run, with collections and products being sought for by fans old and young.


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The enduring appeal of The Far Side lies in its ability to tap into the absurdities and quirks of everyday life. Larson’s blend of humor and thought-provoking content offers readers a fresh perspective, encouraging them to find joy in the unexpected and embrace the wonderfully weird aspects of existence.

The Far Side has also had a profound influence on the world of comics, inspiring a generation of cartoonists with its unique style and unconventional storytelling. Larson’s innovative approach to humor and his willingness to push boundaries have paved the way for future artists to experiment and explore new creative avenues.

Gary Larson’s work continues to engage and amaze audiences even after he ceased from making new Far Side comics in 1995. The comic strip’s enduring appeal has cemented its position in comic strip history, with fans sharing their favourite panels on social media and engaging in passionate debates about The Far Side’s bizarre and fascinating world.

The Far Side is a renowned and cherished comic strip that has left an unforgettable impression on readers all around the world. The Far Side has become a beloved treasure trove of amusement and reflection thanks to Gary Larson’s wit, originality, and ability to create unique characters and scenarios. Readers who immerse themselves in The Far Side’s eccentric world discover a sense of wonder, a touch of surrealism, and a sense of humour.

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