Wawawiwa’s 20 Hilarious Comics Are Some of the Funniest We’ve Seen in a Long Time.

Wawawiwa’s 20 Hilarious Comics Are Some of the Funniest We’ve Seen in a Long Time.

23/09/2022 0 By Aaqib Rubab
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Wawawiwa : Many artists start their careers as young kids, but Colombian illustrator Andres Colmenares started his later in life.
“I started in 2009,” he told a well-known website. “I moved to Miami in 2008 to attend college, but because I didn’t know anyone, I began illustrating cute animals as a hobby. It became an obsession.”

Andres stated that he enjoys finding amusing comic books to which others can relate. Having said that, he is constantly on the lookout for new subjects and objects for his adorable cartoons.

Wawawiwa Comics

“It’s odd, but my human and animal drawings every once in a while offend people,” the artist admitted. “It became intense when I did religious or political illustrations, so I try to avoid both, and they’re certainly not my main themes for cute drawings.”

Andres remained modest when asked why he appears to think Wawawiwa animal cartoons are so popular. “I’m not sure; I guess people like things that put them in a good mood, and that’s what I try to do with Wawawiwa, to create a space where people can have fun and forget about their problems.”

Scroll down to see his hilarious animals, adorable humans, and ridiculous situations they get themselves into!


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A leading Website reached out to Andres to catch up because they hadn’t spoken in a while. In addition to the comics, he has several other projects planned for this year: “One of them is a graphic novel that I’m very excited about.” For the time being, the other project remains a closely guarded secret. In the near future, I hope to provide more information on social media!”

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When Sharks Attack with Kindness, a book published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, was the most recent project that was a huge success.

It portrays the artist’s personalities “Shark, Avi, Guy, and a large cast of sea organisms become good friends and considerate of one another, discussing issues that humans can overcome.


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There are many personal attributes in these comics, and new ones are constantly being created, but there are also some repeated central characters in whom readers become invested. Andres told us that he is trying to increase the frequency with which certain characters come, but that “this is not so simple for me because my suggestions are all over the place.” Shark and Avi (the shark and his tie buddy) and Guy, an individual who is basically a better-looking version of myself, are the most recent ones I’ve used.”


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Artists actively sought inspiration from various sources. Clearly, the pandemic has inspired some artists, including Andres; however, he generally avoids discussing the world’s negative events or the issues we face.

“I try to focus on action scenes that people can relate to,” he says, “but I end up leaving it more open so they can find multiple interpretations.” “At times, I just make silly comics,” he says, “despite the fact that my main goal is to post stuff that serves as a diversion from the world’s bad news and negativity.”


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Many of these comics, you may have noticed, have no or minimal text, leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions. Let us know what you think these comics are saying in the comments; we’d love to hear your thoughts! Remember to vote for the comics that made you laugh.

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