Who is Erica Robin? The First Ever Miss Universe Pakistan 2023

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Karachi-born Erica Robin has made an everlasting mark on the Miss Universe 2023 competition with her charming charisma and gorgeous outfits that reflect Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. El Salvador hosted the 72nd edition of the annual pageant, which saw the model place among the top 20 candidates from over 80 countries. She did not, however, make it to the top ten.

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Miss Pakistan made a powerful statement during the Miss Universe swimsuit competition

As Erica prepares for her forthcoming achievements, admirers and fashionistas alike are eager to learn more about Pakistan’s first Miss Universe. A recent Harper’s Bazaar Arabia piece highlighted the model’s support for a variety of charitable projects. As the freshly crowned Miss Universe Pakistan, the beauty queen spoke passionately at a Down Syndrome Awareness Month event.

Erica Robin Pakistan’s Pride

Erica is also a member of the Red Cross Family, having joined the Red Cross Youth Philippines. She spent a day listening to the youth’s ambitions and designing a meaningful activity day packed with shared hopes and plans for the future.
The 24-year-old has expressed her admiration for Pakistan’s many cultures on numerous occasions, including the preliminary Miss Universe competition, which allowed contestants to dress in their national costume. She wore a vivid costume called “Pehchaan” (individuality) to emphasise her personal and cultural identity.

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Bazaar Arabia also recognised the model’s love of nature, emphasising the need of slowing down in today’s fast-paced society. Erica expressed her gratitude by sharing the feature on her Instagram account and thanking the fashion magazine in the caption.

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Beauty pageants are popular all over the world. However, the news of a Pakistani woman participating on an international arena for the first time has sparked widespread interest in the country. “For the first time ever, Pakistan will have a representative in the Miss Universe pageant.” I’m under a lot of stress and have a lot on my plate. “However, I will not do anything that will harm the country’s reputation,” Erica remarked.

  • Miss Pakistan Erica Robin made a striking message on Saturday during the Miss Universe contest.
  • During the pageant’s swimsuit competition, Robin donned a burkini.
  • She is the first Pakistani lady to compete in Miss Universe.

The 72nd Miss Universe pageant was filled with historic firsts.

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During the swimsuit competition, the first-ever Miss Pakistan made a statement in a baby-pink burkini.

On Saturday, the crowd in San Salvador, El Salvador, erupted in enthusiasm as Erica Robin began her walk across the Miss Universe stage.

Robin, who finished in the top 20, was the first woman to represent Pakistan in the pageant, yet she admitted that her choice to compete was met with mixed reactions in her home country.

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The 24-year-old model is one of Pakistan’s 1% of Christians, according to her Miss Universe bio.

“In my life, I’m most proud of sticking up for what I believe. “I received some backlash from various sectors of the community shortly after I was announced as the new Miss Universe Pakistan titleholder, but I would like to stand up for what I believe in,” Robin stated in her bio.

“Despite these criticisms, I was ready to face any challenges ahead of me while maintaining my values as a young modern Pakistani woman, representing our rich culture and heritage, and showing the world that Pakistan can celebrate the success of women,” she went on to say.

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Robin uses her platform to fight for workplace gender equality, and she volunteers at the Karachi Down Syndrome Association.

Miss Pakistan was not the only woman in the top 20 to make Miss Universe history.
Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett was the first body-inclusive Miss Universe contestant, while Miss Colombia Camila Avella was the first married woman and mother to place since Miss Universe’s criteria were altered in August 2022. Marina Machete, Miss Portugal, was also the first transgender contestant to place in the top 20.

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Erica Robin, Pakistan’s first-ever contestant at the famous Miss Universe pageant, turned attention in the swimsuit round with her creative take on classic bikini.

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Erica Robin, 25, of Karachi, who was elected Miss Universe Pakistan among five finalists in September to represent the country for the first time in the pageant’s 71-year history, has been creating headlines and winning hearts with her cultural representation in El Salvador.

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To stay true to the culture and avoid unnecessary skin show, the beauty queen wore a stunning, pastel pink Kaftan/Burkini by renowned designer Rubin Singer during one of the prelims.

“Pakistan has a diverse ethnic population based on region, religion, language, and culture.” Baloch, Brahui, Sindhi, Punjabi, Muhajir, Saraiki, Memon, Kalashi, Balti, Wakhi, Afghani, Kashmiri, and Hindkowan are a few of the current ethnicities. This costume is a bright celebration of Pakistan’s varied traditions, flawlessly fusing its particular beauty with the profound love and unity embedded in the hearts of its people.

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The elaborate patchwork combines rural and urban features, paying homage to Pakistan’s rich crafts and past. The handcrafted fan, which is an important aspect of Pakistan’s tribal culture, is a sign of power, elegance, and an homage to its roots. Meanwhile, the magnificent silhouette is a striking visual witness to Pakistan’s incredible expansion and transformation over time. It represents the country’s journey.

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While Robin continues to build a name for herself and Pakistan in the international pageant, supporters eagerly anticipate the November 18 finale to see what she has in store to represent the country on the global stage.

For the uninitiated, Miss Universe 2023 will take place on November 18, 2023, at the José Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador, El Salvador, where R’Bonney Gabriel of the United States will pass on the coveted title to her successor, who will be chosen from among the 84 participating beauty queens.

While women of Pakistani ancestry have previously competed in local-level beauty pageants throughout the world, Pakistan has never been represented on the Miss Universe stage—until now. Erica emphasised her excitement for the tournament in a recent interview with Voice of America, saying she would be happy if she win ,proudly proclaiming that “she belongs to Pakistan.”

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