20 Funniest FS Comics You Need To Read Right Now

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Enter the fantastic world of The Far Side Comics, a whimsical invention that continues to enchant and inspire readers of all ages. Prepare to embark on a laugh-filled journey into Gary Larson’s unmatched imagination, where the borders of reality are humorously pushed and the banal is turned into something absolutely spectacular.

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Within The Far Side’s vivid pages, you’ll meet a charming ensemble of characters that will tickle your funny bone and fire your creativity. Each panel is a portal to a world where the ordinary is exaggerated and the strange reigns supreme, from talking animals with razor-sharp wit to unusual humans entangled in wonderfully bizarre situations. Larson’s artistic ability brings these memorable figures to life, imbuing them with personality , charm, and a touch of whimsy that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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Source And Credit : Thefarside & Others


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Source And Credit : Thefarside


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Source And Credit : Thefarside


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Source And Credit : Thefarside

But The Far Side is more than just a collection of jokes. It is a testament to Larson’s incredible ability to uncover humor in the unlikeliest of places. Through his clever wordplay, unexpected twists, and keen observations of human nature, he invites us to see the world through a playful and often thought-provoking lens. From satirical commentaries on societal norms to clever visual gags that challenge our preconceptions, Larson’s wit shines through, sparking laughter and encouraging us to view the world with a fresh perspective.


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Source And Credit : Thefarside


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Source And Credit : Thefarside

The visual feast that accompanies The Far Side is a testament to Larson’s artistic genius. Each panel is a testament to his attention to detail, his impeccable linework, and his ability to capture the essence of a character with a single stroke. From the smallest facial expression to the grandest landscapes, Larson’s illustrations transport us to a world that is both familiar and fantastical, inviting us to lose ourselves in its vibrant colors and delightful intricacies.


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Source And Credit : Thefarside


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Source And Credit : Thefarside

The Far Side Comics have left an indelible mark on the world of humor and comic strips. Larson’s unparalleled creativity and his ability to connect with readers on a deep and personal level have earned him a devoted following. The strip’s enduring popularity is a testament to its universal appeal, as it continues to evoke laughter, spark conversations, and bring joy to countless fans around the world.


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Source And Credit : Thefarside


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Although Larson concluded his regular strip production, The Far Side lives on through the hearts and minds of its fans. Its timeless humor and imaginative storytelling continue to resonate, as new audiences discover its charm through collections, digital platforms, and online communities. Larson’s legacy as a pioneer in the comic strip world remains, inspiring generations of artists, humorists, and storytellers to push the boundaries of creativity and humor.


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Source And Credit : Thefarside


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Source And Credit : Thefarside


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So, join us in the enchanting world of The Far Side Comics, where laughter knows no bounds and imagination takes flight. Allow Gary Larson’s unmatched wit, imaginative storytelling, and artistic brilliance to transport you to a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the laughter never fades. Get ready for a wild and wonderful journey that will leave you with a smile on your face and a renewed appreciation for the magic of comic strips.

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