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Hamza Sohail

Hamza Sohail is another 2021 rookie who has demonstrated acting abilities that have been well received by the audience. Many people are unaware that he is the youngest son of one of the industry’s most spectacular characters, Sohail Ahmed. Everyone knows Sohail Ahmed, an incredible Pakistani comedian.

Indeed, brilliance runs in his family, as Hamza demonstrated in his debut serial this year. He entered the entertainment sector shortly after graduating and is undoubtedly here to stay. Let us proceed and discuss this young personality in depth in order to learn more about him.

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Hamza Sohail Biography

Hamza Sohail is a newcomer to the showbiz sector who is youthful, talented, energetic, and attractive. His debut drama Raqeeb Se earned him a lot of attention and appreciation. He is equally gifted as his father, Sohail Ahmed. He, like other star kids, had a desire of becoming a public figure, which he eventually realised.

The young star has only just begun his career, and he has a long way to go. He has previously collaborated with several excellent artists in the industry, including Noman Ijaz, Sami Khan, Hira Mani, Iqra Aziz, and others.

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Hamza Sohail Age

He was born in 1996 in Lahore, Pakistan. Currently, Hamza is 27 years old.

Education of Hamza

Hamza completed his international graduation in 2019. He moved to Pakistan after finishing his education to begin his professional career.

Hamza Sohail Family

Hamza comes from a talented family. His father, Sohail Ahmed, is a well-known person in the business. He is a comedian who appears on Hasb e Haal, a popular comedy show. Hamza is this famed comedian’s youngest son. He is now single.

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In 2021, Hamza made his television debut in Raqeeb Se, alongside Noman Ijaz, Sania Saeed, Iqra Aziz, Hadiqa Kiani, Faryal Mehmood, and Saba Faysal. With so many talented females, he gave his finest performance and received unanimous praise. Despite the fact that his character was supporting, his presence was felt.

Aside from that, the drama was rated one of the finest dramas of 2021 due to its strong storyline and stellar acting by the performers. Following that successful serial, he produced Mein Hari Piya, which starred Sami Khan, Hira Mani, Sumbul Iqbal, and others.

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Social Media Handles

Hamza Sohail Dramas

  • Raqeeb Se
  • Mein Hari Piya
  • Badshah Begum
  • Fairy Tale
  • Fairy Tale 2
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Hamza Sohail, although being a nepotism product, is undoubtedly one of the most significant additions to the industry. We hope to see more of his work in order to judge his versatility. However, he has already been named one of the finest debutants of 2021.

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Hamza Sohail Wiki

Full NameHamza Sohail Ahmed حمزہ سہیل
Date of Birth1996
Marital StatusSingle
Father NameSohail ahmed
Birth PlaceLahore
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Hamza Sohail is a promising new face in Pakistan’s entertainment business. He is a model and an actor. Following his graduation, Hamza made his acting debut in the drama Raqeeb Se, playing “Abdul” alongside Faryaal Mahmood. His performance in Raqeeb Se received excellent feedback and appreciation from both the public and critics.

Hamza was born and reared in the Pakistani city of Lahore. Hamza was born and reared in the Pakistani city of Lahore. He is the eldest son of Pakistani actor and comedian Sohail Ahmed. Dr. Faqir Muhammad Faqir, his grandpa, was a well-known philanthropist and author.

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Hamza Sohail Father

He is the eldest son of theatre and television actor Sohail Ahmed. His father rose to prominence as Azizi in the television serial Hasb-e-Haal. He has also been in a number of feature films and plays.

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