20 Hilarious Herman Comics That Will Brighten Your Day

20 Hilarious Herman Comics That Will Brighten Your Day

February 22, 2023 0 By Aqib Rubab

HERMAN, the groundbreaking and hilarious comics , has continued despite the tragic death of its creator Jim Unger in June 2012. Unger left behind a legacy of over eight thousand HERMAN cartoons, and a wealth of new material continues to emerge even today. In an effort to continue Unger’s work, the comic strip was given to cartoonist David Weisglass and illustrator Raleigh Wood. Weisglass had worked closely with Unger since 1997, when he gave up his own syndicated comic strip to help manage HERMAN.

Herman Comics

Herman Comics

Unger’s horror-comedy and excellent expression have made HERMAN an industry in itself, with millions of book collections sold in over 25 countries. The humor in HERMAN ranges from slapstick plays like Punch and Judy puppet shows or Tom and Jerry cartoons, which appeal to young children because of their physical character, to more advanced comedic tactics like satire, which require an understanding of social context and appeal to a more mature audience.

With all due respect, it is stated there that these comic strips are only for fan entertainment. All of these comic series are the work of well-known artists.

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Herman Comics


Herman Comics


the far side
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Herman Comics

Comedy has been an important form of entertainment throughout human history, with roots in ancient Greek and Roman theater. The goal of comedy is to make people laugh, and it does so by exaggerating or mocking situations, characters, or ideas. Comedy can be found in many forms, including stand-up comedy, sitcoms, movies, and cartoons.

Cartoons have become a particularly popular medium for comedy in recent years, with shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park gaining massive followings. Cartoons are often seen as a medium for children, but as HERMAN and other shows have shown, they can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Herman Comics


the far side
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Herman Comics

One of the reasons cartoons are so effective at delivering comedy is their ability to exaggerate and distort reality. Characters in cartoons can have exaggerated features, like the massive eyes and heads of characters in Japanese anime, or the giant noses and ears of characters in Looney Tunes cartoons. This allows cartoonists to create characters that are instantly recognizable and memorable.

Another reason cartoons are effective at delivering comedy is their ability to create absurd situations. In HERMAN, for example, the titular character often finds himself in ridiculous situations that are impossible in the real world. This allows the cartoon to take viewers on a wild, hilarious ride that they wouldn’t be able to experience in real life.


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While slapstick plays and physical humor are popular with young children, more advanced comedic tactics like satire appeal to a more mature audience. Satire is a form of humor that uses irony, sarcasm, or ridicule to expose and criticize foolishness or vice. Satirical cartoons can be found in many newspapers and magazines, and often target politicians, celebrities, or social issues.

Satirical cartoons can be controversial, as they often challenge the status quo and can offend those in positions of power. In some countries, satirical cartoons have been censored or banned altogether. However, in many countries, satirical cartoons are seen as an important form of political commentary and are protected by free speech laws.




In addition to delivering laughs, cartoons can also be used to educate and inform. Educational cartoons, like Schoolhouse Rock, have been used to teach children about subjects like history, math, and grammar. Political cartoons can be used to inform viewers about current events and issues, and can provide a commentary on society as a whole.

In conclusion, HERMAN is a prime example of how cartoons can be used to deliver comedy to audiences of all ages. Unger’s unique style and excellent expression made HERMAN a household name, and its continued success shows that there is still a demand for quality comedy in cartoon form. From slapstick plays to satirical commentary, cartoons have the ability to entertain, educate, and inform viewers around the world.








The comic strip industry has made significant strides in recent years by representing a greater diversity of characters and narratives. It is essential to include marginalized groups, including individuals of different ages, genders, and ethnicities, in order to promote inclusivity. Humorous comic strips can also serve as an enjoyable and relaxing way for children to learn about humor. However, it is important to consider the audience and context when creating comics to ensure that underrepresented groups are accurately and sensitively represented. Don’t forget to keep visiting our site and sharing it with your friends.